On 16 January 2018, President Director of Jawa Power, Wichard von Harrach together with the Vice Bupati of Probolinggo, Drs. H. A. Timbul Prihanjoko and the Director General for Control of Pollution & Damage to Environment – Ministry of Living Environment & Forestry, Drs. M. R. Karliansyah M.S, inaugurated the Randutatah Environmental Conservation Area.  The Randutatah Beach, mostly known as Pantai Duta, has become one of the tourism icons in the Probolinggo Regency.  Jawa Power and the Government of Probolinggo have jointly developed the beach as eco-tourism area consisting of a mangrove conservation area and recreational area.

Randutatah beach is situated around 40 km to the East of Probolinggo City and is within 10 km radius from Jawa Power’s coal-fired power plant Paiton Units 5 & 6.  The Randutatah village has 1700 inhabitants who are mostly fishermen. The village covers an area of 296 hectares with 10% of it is coastal area. Back in 1970, 2 sub-villages, namely Grinting and Patukangan, in Randutatah village were wiped out by coastal abrasion.

Following observation in 2012, Jawa Power and its plant operator, YTL Jawa Timur, started mangrove and sea pine planting program in the area in order to alleviate the coastal abrasion problem as well as conserve the local biodiversity. The company cooperates with the local community in developing the beach area to become a mangrove center and nursery.  The Randutatah beach has since become a destination for the local people to spend time with their families.

In January 2016, Jawa Power and the Government of Probolinggo Regency signed a Memorandum of Understanding to jointly develop the beach to become conservation, eco-tourism and recreational area. The local community has secured additional income benefit from the nursery and entrance fee to the beach.

In 2017, Jawa Power constructed a 400m-wooden walkway for mangrove observation and a community house to support the mangrove conservation and community development in the area.

Pemerintah Kabupaten Probolinggo website – Randutatah Inauguration



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