ISO 14064 Certification

PT. Jawa Power has obtained ISO 14064 Part 1 certification for the validation and verification of greenhouse gas emissions for the reporting period o …

Coastal Clean Up Campaign

PT. Jawa Power and PT. YTL Jawa Timur initiate coastal cleanup campaign program called “Reresik Pantai” on 22 August 2019 in Randutatah b …

21-Sep-2021 | 23:30 Unit 50 604.07 MW   |   Unit 60 607.0 MW


  • Proper 2013PT Jawa Power has received PROPER Gold award this year. The award is for the assessment period of 2012 – 2013 and was handed over directly by the Minister of Living Environment, Prof Dr Balthasar Kambuaya MBA, during the award ceremony on 10 December 2013. PROPER is the National Rating Program in Corporate Environmental Performance organised by the Ministry of Living Environment. This year, totally 1,812 companies were evaluated. 12 companies receive Gold, 113 Green, 1,039 Blue, 611 Red and 17 were rated Black. The rating for 20 companies were not announced as 12 are under legal investigation and 8 are not operating.