On 23 November 2015, Jawa Power received its 9th PROPER Green Award at the Environmental Award Evening (Malam Anugerah Lingkungan) organized by the Ministry of Living Environment & Forestry (KLHK) at the Birawa Assembly Hall – Hotel Bidakara, Jakarta.

At the award ceremony, the Minister, Siti Nurbaya, said that the environment aspect shall not be ignored by the corporate sector.  She further mentioned “Businesses should not just making a lip service on environmental issues, Now the government, businesses, and community should work together to attend to the complexities of environmental issues”.

There are 2,137 companies which were evaluated under PROPER by the KLHK this year. Out of this, 12 achieve Gold Award and 108 companies obtain Green Award, including Jawa Power.

1,406 companies are in Blue category which considered as being in compliance with the regulations, 529 are rated Red and 21 are rated Black which considered as bad and very bad rating.

61 companies were not announced due to either no longer operating or under court proceedings.

9 PROPER Green Awards and 1 PROPER Gold Award (in 2013) prove Jawa Power’s  commitment in environmental conservation and community development.


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