On 10 Sep 2014 a program called “Pelayanan Terbaik Puskemas Paiton” (Paiton Puskesmas Best Services) was launched at Paiton Puskesmas. The launching marks a commitment to provide best services and recommendation for improvement at 11 Puskemas in Kabupaten Probolinggo replicating Paiton Puskesmas.

The launching was attended by Assistant II for Economics and Development representing Bupati of Probolinggo. Health Services Secretary Anna Maria and three members of Probolinggo parliament.

At the launching all parties committed to develop Paiton Puskesmas as Best Service Puskesmas. This commitment was marked by the implementation of electronic finger printing services for patients which is intended to ease the patients admission system. Registered patients need only put the finger onto the reader and their profile will be collected automatically. “This will reduce the queue of incoming patients” Head of Puskesmas, dr. Saiful Bahri explained.

Head of External Relation PT. Jawa Power-YTL, Budhi Santoso, explained that the service improvement at Paiton Puskesmas is replica of a cooperation program with USAID. The program aimed at providing support in the Health sector in a sustainable way.

It is expected that this program will realized a better services for the community and replicating such improvement to other Puskesmas at Probolinggo regency. (Radar Bromo, 9 Sep 2015)


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